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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lincolnshire Police target illegal detectorists!

It was with real interest that I read this week about a Police operation targeting illegal metal detecting. This is, when individuals detect on land, without permission from the land owners, often in the dark of night. This often results in crops being damaged, and rightly farmers get extremely annoyed. It also makes it very difficult for responsible detectorists to get permission for the land.

Officers in Horncastle have launched an operation aimed at tackling the growing problem of heritage crime in the Wolds area.

Local farmers are noticing increased activity from metal detector users operating illegally for personal gain. The offenders are accessing fields without the landowners’ permission and causing considerable criminal damage to crops by digging large holes.

Sergeant Ali Booth from Horncastle Police Station said, “This kind of activity is a national problem but, because of the important wealth of Roman and Saxon history in this area, the Wolds are particularly attractive and offenders will come here from far afield to plunder. The damage caused to crops can be considerable which greatly affects our farmers’ livelihoods and the safety of farm workers”.

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