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Monday, 30 May 2011

Hoxne Hoard finder meets pupils

THE man who discovered the largest collection of gold and silver coins of the fourth and fifth century found anywhere within the Roman Empire was at Hoxne St Edmunds Primary School this week.
Eric Lawes, who lives in Hoxne, brought his trusty metal detector to the school where he explained to Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from both Hoxne and Mendham Primary School what he did to find the Hoxne Hoard.
The pupils visited the British Museum in London last week where the hoard is now housed, so Mr Lawes’ talk coincided with that.
Mr Lawes made the discovery when Peter Whatling, the farmer who owned the land where the hoard was buried, had lost a hammer and asked his friend, Mr Lawes, a retired gardener and amateur metal detectorist, to help look for it.
Found on November 16, 1992, the hoard consists of 14,865 Roman gold, silver and bronze coins, and 200 items of silver tableware and gold jewellery

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