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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Chester - Bank Holiday Monday - Detecting Day

I helped find some land for the day but not all went to plan.

Where do I start?

Well let me give you a bit of background. The land in, and around,the Chester area is owned by several big land owners. One is the Duke of Westminster, one of the others the Barbour Family. Both great contributors to charity.

In this instance I was approached by a charity supported by the Barbour family, to raise some funds. It was all a bit last minute, but I agreed and a promise of £200 was made to their Charity. After advertising on UKDN, there was a small shortfall but I was happy to make up the difference.

I asked for an agreement and a map, and one was duly provided. On it stated that 2 plots (at least) would be ploughed and rolled and I contacted them to check, if seeded, was it okay to proceed with detecting. The answer in writing - yes.

So lets move forward to today.

Arriving nice and early on a lovely bright and sunny day, I'm greeted by many from UKDN, and look forward to the day ahead. Arriving on the first fields, I couldn't believe our luck. It was flat as a billiard table and within minutes a few silver coins had been found including a Hammered Sixpence of James and a George III Shilling.

After a couple of hours I went to check out another field, and this is when all hell let loose. Sadly the landowner had failed to inform the tenant farmer, and to say he was furious was an understatement. He'd let loose with all kinds of obscenities at both Gladiator2 and lammytheman, who were on separate fields, and was already firing out his fury at my brother and hough green hoard hunter. Upon showing him the map, and with hough green hoard hunters negotiating skills, the imminent threat level was downgraded from Red to Orange I must say that I did have an element of sympathy but the chances of any damage being done, on seeds that had not even germinated was non existent.

So where did that leave us? I had a few fields which were not rented to this farmer, but owned by the estate. So the lads moved over to this pasture with no moaning at all. Their hole filling was immaculate and they made my life very easy. Cheers lads. In fact they were a huge credit to the hobby. Everybody was light hearted and although very tiring because of the sun, managed a few other nice bits including an Edward groat and a small Roman Fibula, amongst some other nice bits, including the average coins, army badges and a small silver brooch.

All money was refunded, although most preffered it wasn't (if you haven't received yours please get in touch) and the day continued uneventful, but it was the least I could do. The charity will be offered the opportunity to make more money towards the end of the year. To my knowledge the four USA dollars I buried with prizes of 3 bottles of wine and a bottle of good quality malt, remained unfound. Again if this isn't correct, please contact me to claim your prize.

Not the kind of day I expected and my sincere apologies for any inconvenience. In all the 30 years of detecting I'd never experienced a situation like this. But it was great meeting some of the lads on here and putting names to faces, in particular lammytheman and digowt (a true Evertonian if there ever was one). I'll be sorting some other days out in the Summer. Now how more black and white can I make an agreement? No wonder I have little hair left!!

Here's a pic of one of the hammies. A James 1 sixpence

And the land

Kind Regards

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