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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A nice buckle!

I've been going through my founds pouch from Sunday, and cleaning a few bits up. Here is a picture of a a plain double loop trapezoidal buckle with pointed ends and a lobed protrusion at either end of the strap bar.

Circa 1620 - 1680

Monday, 16 August 2010

A day on stubble!!

Got up early yesterday to travel over to one of my favourite farms. This farm has produced Celtic, Roman, Saxon and Medieval for me in the past, so I am always hopeful.

Arriving at the farm I met up with the farmer. He is a nice guy and took time to show me some fields. Most were stubble, however most of the hay had yet to be collected, leaving less of the field to detect on.

Within 30 minutes I had a lovely Henry II Cut half dating back to the 12th Century. From then on it was really hard work. Found a few more coins and a buckle but that was about it. The sun was out most of the day. Saw loads of nature whilst walking the fields. Frogs, Partridges, Eggs Grasshoppers - you name it, but sadly no more really nice finds to write home about.

Back out on Wednesday!!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

'Sawbridgeworth Rally'- 28th & 29th August 2010

For those interested in the Sawbridge Rally run by RallyUK and nothing to do with me, or this blog. You will find more information and an application form at


I understand there is detecting on 500 acres, start 10am until dusk. Pre-booking only.

Sadly I have another to attend on the day, but will be keeping a close eye on the finds. It looks promising!!

Metal detecting rally Blaydon club. Durham & Northumberland UK

I was looking through Youtube and cameacross this video. Really enjoyed it. Thought I'd share it!!

Explorer on quest to find buried pirate treasure!

After a decade spent studying old maps and documents, artist Mike believes he has found the "X" marking the spot of pirate treasure buried 190 years ago - all £250million of it. If he does unearth the hidden hoard, it will make him and fellow amateur treasure hunter Shaun Whitehead rich beyond their wildest dreams.
An original inventory shows the missing Spanish booty contained 113 gold religious statues, 200 chests of jewels, 250 swords with jewelled hilts, 150 chalices and hundreds of gold and silver bars.


Ring classified as treasure

A GOLD ring found by a Mr Fenton, on Stanford Dingley farmland in West Berkshire field in February last year was officially declared to be treasure on the 4th August 2010.
Experts at the British Museum said that the ring, dating back to the Roman era, was up to 93 per cent pure gold.

Image courtesy of the Portable Antiquities Scheme

The harvest is here!!

Well it has taken a long time coming, but at last the harvest is starting to come off. I actually managed to get out on one of my farms this week. Not a lot to write home about, sadly, but a Roman coin and a Medieval Thimble have been added to my collection.

I hope to get out again this week. Fingers crossed next time, I will have something decent to show you.