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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Green waste - Metal Detecting!

In response to my blog a while back about potential Green Waste causing problems for metal detectorists, I was reading about the issue on a forum. Here is what they said

'I had heard that ***** have had problems with green waste, including medical waste ie srynges etc. The companies who produce the stuff and then palm it off onto the farmers, need a good looking at, along with the particular body who is encouraging it.
It makes you wonder, its called "green waste" producing images of some nice homemade compost, in fact its just the opposite. No wonder that farmers are having to be paid to have it put on their land. I know I have to pay for compost??? However I'd expect to be paid if somebody wanted to dump the contents of those "for incineration only" yellow buckets and out of date drugs in my garden...................................


'................have spoken to the TV people and put what has happened on a couple of our digs to them, unfortunately they then wanted to speak to the farmer where we had the problem but the farmer didnt want to speak to them so we are kinda stuck. I think it would make for a very good programme but unfortunately we cant force the farmer to go on camera if he doesnt want to.

I shall watch the developments with baited breath!

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