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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Detector found ring at Lockdales in July!

A ring found in Lincolnshire, which was disclaimed by the Museum, is finding its way to the auction rooms in July.

Mediaeval gold ring, external diameter 22.3mm. internal diameter 18.8mm., with four oval bezels of 6.0mm. - 6.4mm. and thickness of 1.imm., weight 5.02g. and dated to c.1400 to c.1500 and has a Tresure ref. no. 2009 T483. disclaimed. The four oval bezels are engraved with the images of saints, these being St. Christoper and three female saints, one possibly St. Catherine [holding a sword] one possibly St. Margaret or St. Helena [holding a cross] and one holding possibly a palm or flower and is unidentified the engraving has traces of white enamel within the depth of design, found Lincolnshire, 2009, a rare item in nice condition.

Guide Price £3500 - 4000

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