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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Foxham, Wiltshire - Charity Rally Weekend

For those of you who like going to rallies, you are probably aware of this weekends rally in aid of charity. It is yesterday, today and tomorrow, and is a complete sell out with tickets sold many weeks ago.

The information given by the organisers are

'Brief History: Cadenham Manor estate, the area we will be detecting on, is mentioned in the Doomsday book, described as belonging to Earl Hugh and held by one William from him. It consisted of land for two ploughs, meadows and woodland, with two slaves and eight smallholders. It is likely that there had been a settlement here for some time before that, as the name Cadenham apparently is of Anglo-Saxon derivation, meaning Cada’s Ham or Homestead. Cade Burna- the brook to the south of Foxham which marks the boundary of the estate. The survival of the description “Burna” for a brook is very rare in the south of England, and is evidence of a very old settlement here. Evidence of a small Roman settlement has also been indicated in the village. The Wilts and Berks Canal passes close to the house on the east side. Cadenham Manor was the family house of the cadet branch of the Hungerford family for nearly two hundred and fifty years. There are 12 ponds dotted around this very small village all within five minutes walk of each one, which certainly would have been a huge advantage to early settlement. There are a large number of ridge and furrow fields that survive on the estate which indicates that the estate was actively farmed and regularly ploughed during the middle ages. However we will not be detecting on these fields but we will be detecting on the adjacent fields'.

I'll try and keep my ear to the ground for what promises to be a very successful rally.

Watch this space...................

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