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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lost Keys!!

I had an email during the week from a Farmer who lives up in Cumbria, who was doing some work locally to were I live (Lancashire) and had lost his keys in a field. Would I find them for him? Well of course I was going to try and help. These farmers are extremely important to our hobby. Without them Metal Detecting on farmland would cease to exist.

After a few emails back and forth trying to get a better idea of their possible location, I travelled to the farm yesterday. I met the owner farmer and his lovely wife, and was pointed to the spot in question. It was about 30 acres in total, some plough and some stubble, and I went about searching. The area in question was not steeped in history, so the idea was to find the guys keys ASAP and move off.

A few hours later. Still no keys. I had a small bag seal and a shilling, but that wasn't what I was looking for. In the afternoon my Mum and Dad took over detecting (they are both keen detectorists too) but sadly no luck for them either. I have been in touch with the farmer and I will go back again. Next week I am going Metal Detecting for a few days, so it will be on my return. I have also arranged to detect on more of the land come September.

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