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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A few days without posting so I thought I'd update!!

Well the last few days have been pretty uneventful to be honest, hence the reason why I have been a bit quiet on here. My wife hit 40 over the weekend which we celebrated by spending a day out, in Nantwich. In the meantime my metal detecting club was busy 'hoovering up' a field close by in the village of Lawton Gate. I understand in total there were about 30 of them on the site. It was overcast but mainly dry and a few bits came up - not allot though!! Here is a pic of an Elizabeth I Penny that was found

OBVERSE : legend reads,

E : D : G : ROSA : SINE : SPINA :
( Rose Without a Thorn )
Colons used to segregate words.

Greek cross mint-mark
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

REVERSE : legend reads,

London mint

The outside of the coin is 14mm which suggests a Penny
Coins of this size with :
No date on REVERSE and no rose on OBVERSE are PENNIES


So have I heard of much else to tell you about. Well it has all been kept pretty well hush hush, but a nice hoard was found in Selby a couple of weeks back. It hasn't really hit the press - maybe they are bored of hoards now:-)The Roman hoard included two pots containing hundreds of silver coins including denarii of the Emperor Hadrian and Empress Domitia Lucilla. They will be worth quite a few thousand pound are were found by guys at Gateshead’s Blaydon and District Search and Recovery Association. Well done lads. Keep them coming!!!

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