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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A few days away!!

I was fortunate to get away for a few days detecting last week. I say fortunate, because I have a young family and it really is difficult finding the time to do so. Fortunately my wife was in a good mood (spring is in the air) and was happy for me to go on my travels.

I travelled down last Monday and was fortunate that it was dry for the 3/4 days I was detecting. The site itself was located near an old monastery and I have been fortunate to find some nice finds in the past. Unfortunately on this occasion I never found a great deal. I found an Elizabethan hammered, Crotal Bell, Roman Coin - but not a lot to be honest. I also went detecting with my Mum, Dad and Brother. They found a few more bits. More hammered. More Roman. Jettons and a Medieval Candle Holder (I think). All will be recorded with our local FLO.

Here is a picture of the Elizabeth Half Groat. Not a great find but another to add to my collection.

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