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Monday, 1 March 2010

As promised, here is the report.

The morning rally was to be on one side of the road. The afternoon would be the other side. The only exception was the field were the parking was. That went to plan, except a few wanderers who needed reeling in.

There were 140 detectorists who paid on the day, including a couple of us who paid but never actually got to detect. The finds were thin on the ground, although the land we had was undetected. It had a lot of potential.

I personally saw (or heard of) a victorian gold ring, viccy 1/2 sovereign, few hammered, a couple of roman, the roman wirral brooch, a piece of engraved saxon hack silver, medieval matrix and lots of other bits and pieces. Not as much as we had hoped. Our local FLO was on hand to make a note of any finds. There were 2 medics (including a nurse) who were made available to us, in the event of any problems. Limited hot food and drink were made available, along with toilet facilities in the pub very close by.

The day raised about £1,500 in total. Except for a few holes, the behaviour of everybody who turned up was exemplary and a credit to the hobby. It was a very cold day but it stayed dry for us.

Sorry more didn't come up. Maybe another day, another field.

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