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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Rally Day

Well the day has come. I think the weather has played kind with us. It seems quite mild out there. No sign of any way and none really forecast until late on today. I was informed late last night of some finds very local to were the rally is to be held today, including Gold Coins, Hammereds, Roman and Celtic, which has somewhat wetted the appetite. The local Finds Liason Officer is on hand today so if anything nice is found it will be recorded correctly.

I'm taking my camera with me today so I'm hoping to get some footage. It is really so difficult to predict how these rallies will go. I'm hoping for upto 100 detectorists which will raise some much needed funds for the air cadets, but you never can really tell. Provisions are in place for a lot more, and to be honest upto 200 turning up wouldn't really surprise me.

Anyway must go. It is an hours travel to get there, and a lot of work to do.


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